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UNLABELLED Antimicrobial peptides (AMPs) and peptidomimetics are among the new generation of antibiotics due to their broad spectrum of activity towards pathogenic agents. Considering the fact that the oral cavity is a relevant entryway for pathogenic microorganisms, it must be armed with several defenses in order to maintain homeostasis. Thus, we aimed at(More)
Despite the importance of saliva in the regulation of oral cavity homeostasis, few studies have been conducted to quantitatively compare the saliva of different mammal species. Aiming to define a proteome signature of mammals' saliva, an in-depth SDS-PAGE-LC coupled to MS/MS (GeLC-MS/MS) approach was used to characterize the saliva from primates (human),(More)
PURPOSE Chronic periodontitis (CP) is a complex immuno-inflammatory disease that results from preestablished gingivitis. We investigated potential differences in salivary peptidome in health and CP. EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN Saliva was collected from nine CP patients and ten healthy subjects, from which five CP and five healthy were enriched following(More)
Periodontitis is a complex immune-inflammatory disease that results from a preestablished infection in gingiva, mainly due to Gram-negative bacteria that colonize deeper in gingival sulcus and latter periodontal pocket. Host inflammatory and immune responses have both protective and destructive roles. Although cytokines, prostaglandins, and proteases(More)
Bladder cancer is estimated to be the ninth most common malignancy with a high rate of recurrence and progression despite therapy, early diagnosis being crucial for timely intervention. Using a well-established animal model of urothelial carcinoma, we performed a comprehensive analysis of urine proteome profile from healthy animals and animals with(More)
Since 1996 an electronic voting machine (EVM) has been in use in Brazilian elections. It is based on a PC motherboard, containing a small keypad and a LCD display which shows messages and candidate's pictures. We are studying the introduction of programmable devices in the EVM in order to make it more flexible and to improve security issues. This paper(More)
The investigation of protease relevance in biologic systems beyond catabolism of proteins and peptides to amino acids has stimulated interest as to their role in the pathogenesis of several disorders including diabetes mellitus (DM). Evaluation of proteases and the assessment of their activity in biofluids are fundamental to elucidate these proteolytic(More)
Extracting information from peptidomics data is a major current challenge, as endogenous peptides can result from the activity of multiple enzymes. Proteolytic enzymes can display overlapping or complementary specificity. The activity spectrum of human endogenous peptide-generating proteases is not fully known. Hence, the indirect study of proteolytic(More)
Today there is an increasing demand for heart transplantations for patients diagnosed with heart failure. Though, shortage of donors as well as the large number of ineligible patients hurdle such treatment option. This, in addition to the considerable number of transplant rejections, has driven the clinical research towards the field of regenerative(More)
Nowadays we are surrounded by a plethora of bioinformatics tools, powerful enough to deal with the large amounts of data arising from proteomic studies, but whose application is sometimes hard to find. Therefore, we used a specific clinical problem - to discriminate pathophysiology and potential biomarkers between two similar cardiovascular diseases, aortic(More)