Fábio Pinto

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Filtering tweets relevant to a given entity is an important task for online reputation management systems. This contributes to a reliable analysis of opinions and trends regarding a given entity. In this paper we describe our participation at the Filtering Task of RepLab 2013. The goal of the competition is to classify a tweet as relevant or not relevant to(More)
This paper proposes a framework to decompose and develop metafeatures for Metalearning (MtL) problems. Several metafeatures (also known as data characteristics) are proposed in the literature for a wide range of problems. Since MtL applicability is very general but problem dependent, researchers focus on generating specific and yet informative metafeatures(More)
One of the hardest resources to manage in retail is space. Retailers need to assign limited store space to a growing number of product categories such that sales and other performance metrics are maximized. Although this seems to be an ideal task for a data mining approach, there is one important barrier: the representativeness of the available data. In(More)