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Medical design: Direct metal laser sintering of Ti–6Al–4V
Abstract Design and manufacturing of customized implants prior to surgery are described in this study. Implant shape and functional requirements are established by digital data based on CT scans andExpand
Manufacture of custom-made cranial implants from DICOM® images using 3D printing, CAD/CAM technology and incremental sheet forming
INTRODUCTION: This work aims to pre-operatively manufacture custom-made low-cost implants and physical models (‘biomodels’) of fractured skulls. The pre-DOI: operative manufacturing of biomodels andExpand
The Growth of Tin Oxide Aerogels: Theoretical Modeling and Experimental Characterizations
Tin oxide aerogels were synthesized using the epoxide-assisted technique and characterized with X-ray diffraction, diffusive reflectance spectroscopy, particle-induced X-ray emission and scanningExpand
Facade hollow brick (cobogó) 3D scanning : natural light admission analysis and comparison with original digital 3D model
The cobogó is a hollow brick used for light and ventilation control, besides having an important aesthetic function. With computer graphics, 3d digital models can be used during the design process toExpand
Design and health care: a study of virtual design and direct metal laser sintering of titanium alloy for the production of customized facial implants
The increase in life expectancy and a great number of accidents lead to higher demand for medical products, including corrective implants. Patients with tumors or traumas need to replace injuredExpand
Development and Thermographic Analysis of Custom Seats for Wheelchairs
The design of Assistive Technology products has different technological routes such as massive products or custom products. These products aim at optimize the altered bodily functions. With that itExpand