Fábio Pereira Arantes

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The increasing amounts of heavy metals entering aquatic environments can result in high accumulation levels of these contaminants in fish and their consumers, which pose a serious risk to ecosystems(More)
The driftwood catfish Trachelyopterus galeatus (Linnaeus 1766) is widely distributed in the São Francisco basin in Brazil, having internal fertilization as its reproduction hallmark. Since there are(More)
The present study evaluated for the first time sex steroid profiles and fecundity in females of Prochilodus argenteus from two sections of the São Francisco River Brazil, downstream from the Três(More)
We investigated apoptosis, cell proliferation antigen (PCNA), and heat shock protein (HSP70) during ovarian follicular atresia in two freshwater teleost species from the São Francisco River basin,(More)
We studied the relationship between the morphology of the reproductive system and the reproductive strategies of six neotropical catfishes using macroscopic and microscopic analyses. The reproductive(More)
The testicular morphology, spermatogenesis and occurrence of sperm in the ovarian lumen of Trachelyopterus striatulus were studied using anatomical, histological and biometric techniques. A total of(More)
The digestive tracts of 44 specimens of Schizodon knerii were studied using anatomical, histological and histochemical techniques. The mouth has terminal position, the lip epithelium is squamous(More)
Most fishes with commercial importance from the São Francisco basin are migratory and do not complete the reproductive cycle in lentic environments, such as hydroelectric plant reservoirs, hence(More)