Fábio Neves

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Body packing is used for international drug transport, immediate drug concealment during a police searching or introducing drugs inside prisons. Despite the high level of specialization of dealers who have started to manufacture more complex packs, up to 5% of patients could develop intoxication due to pack rupture. Bowel obstruction is another acute(More)
This paper presents a teaching experiment that explores the levitation of a disc of ferromagnetic material in the presence of the magnetic field produced by a single electromagnet. In comparison with the classical experiment of the levitation of a sphere, the main advantage of the proposed laboratory bench is due to the uniform magnetic field distribution(More)
INTRODUCTION Acute aortic dissection (AAD) is a serious and uncommon event. The clinical presentation generally includes thoracic or back pain. Painless aortic dissection is an extremely rare occurrence. Acute paraplegia is one of the neurological complications secondary to AAD. Although painful paraplegia is seen in 2% to 3% of AAD cases, painless(More)
Headaches were studied in a series of 49 patients with single or multiple transient ischaemic attacks (TIAs) followed up for 27 +/- 17 months. Forty-two patients had a CT scan and 38 had a Duplex-Scan. Twelve patients (24%) had TIA-related headaches, mostly in close temporal relation to the ischaemic onset. Headaches were more frequent in females and in(More)
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