Fábio Neves

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This paper presents a climbing robot based in wheel locomotion and magnetic adherence, a common mechanical topology applicable to a wide range of industrial tasks. The robot is applied to perform internal/external inspection in liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) storage spheres, hence, some severe operation features like adherence and force balance impose(More)
Gas concentration measurement is a very important task to several industries, such as chemical, oil, nuclear and others. The goal is to assure the final product quality or to monitor the gas concentration level that can damage process, installations, humans and / or environment. This work develops an embedded system (hardware + software) to gas(More)
Rodrigo Valle, Fábio Neves, Rubens de Andrade Jr., Richard M. Stephan LASUP/UFRJ Abstract: This paper presents a teaching experiment that explores the levitation of a disc of ferromagnetic material in the presence of the magnetic field produced by a single electromagnet. In comparison with the classical experiment of the levitation of a sphere, the main(More)
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