Fábio Menezes Maciel

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Evidence based on immunological cross-reactivity and anti-diabetic properties has suggested the presence of insulin-like peptides in plants. The objective of the present study was to investigate the presence of insulin-like proteins in the leaves of Bauhinia variegata ("pata-de-vaca", "mororó"), a plant widely utilized in popular medicine as an(More)
In a effect to prevent nosocomial pneumonia and sepsis, we treated patients with severe multiple trauma with an immunomodulator--beta 1-3 polyglucose (glucan). Forty-one patients with no infection at admission were stratified using Trauma Score and included in a randomized double-blind controlled trial. They were divided into a control group (n = 20) and a(More)
Significant effort has been made world-wide to boost biofuels with the expectation of a positive contribution to renewable fuel and greenhouse gas reduction. Jatropha curcas L. has proved to be an opportunistic crop in tropical areas, particularly in unfavorable environments. For this reason, analyses of toxicity and allergy caused by its seeds and pollen(More)
Jasmonates are signaling molecules that play key roles in wound response and regulate the biosynthesis of many defensive proteins, including proteases. In this study, we investigate the effects of wounding and methyl jasmonate (MJ) application on the protein expression pattern of Ricinus communis L. leaves and on proteolytic activity. Gelatin zymography(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate cardiac alterations secondary to exogenous intoxication by paraquat. METHODS We performed analysis of clinical and laboratory data of 25 patients with acute paraquat poisoning admitted in our ICU from November 1983 to January 1991. RESULTS There were purposeful overdoses in 24 cases (96%). The mortality rate was 56%. The lung(More)
The influence of several factors on the hydrolytic activity of lipase, present in the acetone powder from dormant castor seeds (Ricinus communis) was evaluated. The enzyme showed a marked specificity for short-chain substrates. The best reaction conditions were an acid medium, Triton X-100 as the emulsifying agent and a temperature of 30 degrees C. The(More)
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