Fábio Marques

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We address the problem of stationing guards in vertices of a simple polygon in such a way that the whole polygon is guarded and the number of guards is minimum. It is known that this is an NP-hard Art Gallery Problem with relevant practical applications. In this paper we present an approximation method that solves the problem by successive approximations,(More)
Android best practices for performance are small code changes proposed by Google to reduce execution time. This paper evaluates and analyzes the impact of two of these best practices on performance and energy consumption. The practices are applied to the code of an Android application and the code efficiency is analyzed. The practices indicate a positive(More)
The provision of valuable e-government services depends upon the capacity to integrate the disperse provision of services by the public administration and thus upon the availability of interoperability platforms. These platforms are commonly built according to the principles of service oriented architectures, which raise the question of how to dynamically(More)
We propose an anytime algorithm to compute successively better approximations of the optimum of Minimum Vertex Guard. Though the presentation is focused on polygons, the work may be directly extended to terrains along the lines of [4]. A major idea in our approach is to explore dominance of visibility regions to first detect pieces that are more difficult(More)
As Information and Communication Technologies are constantly evolving, governments should embrace this evolution to provide more efficient and effective around-the-clock services. The need to deliver services that gather information from several Public Administration branches turns interoperability architectures an essential tool for e-government. However,(More)
The study of stress and fatigue among First Responders is a major step in mitigating this public health problem. Blood pressure, heart rate variability and fatigue related arrhythmia are three of the main "windows" to study stress and fatigue. In this paper we present a wearable medical device, capable of acquiring an electrocardiogram and estimating blood(More)
The use of Information and Communication Technology in the delivery of public services has a number of advantages. In a first approach, it allows productivity and quality improvements in the delivered services and it allows reductions on the running costs. Furthermore, with interoperability between dispersed IT systems, it is possible to deliver enhanced,(More)
In this paper we propose FIREMAN, a low cost system for online monitoring of firefighters ventilation patterns when using Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA), based on a specific hardware device attached to SCBA and a Smartphone application. The system implementation allows the detection of relevant ventilation patterns while providing feasible and(More)