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This paper focuses on evaluating the use of MPTCP to forward sub flows in Open Flow networks. MPTCP is a network protocol designed to forward sub flows through disjointed paths. Modern networks commonly use Equal-Cost Multipath Protocol (ECMP) to split flows through distinct paths. However, even with ECMP enabled, sub flows may be forwarded through the same(More)
The growth of small devices using as cell phones and smartphones has requested for the development of applications in different areas. The users may perform different tasks in these devices as read e-mails and magazines, make financial transactions, share physical resources, software and data, access multimedia content, and enjoy a variety of other(More)
Software Defined Networking is one of the most promising approaches to the deployment of future network infrastructures. The most of the Internet service providers have to deal with a number of configurations to a crescent amount of network devices. SDN is a paradigm that proposes the separation of data forwarding plane from the data control plane. OpenFlow(More)
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