Fábio Jordão Rocha

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Sjögren's syndrome is an extremely complex and currently incurable autoimmune disorder, which occurs primarily in females, and is associated with lacrimal gland inflammation, meibomian gland dysfunction, and severe dry eye. We hypothesize that androgen deficiency, which reportedly occurs in primary and secondary Sjögren's syndrome (e.g., systemic lupus(More)
Androgens are known to regulate both the structure and function of lacrimal tissue in a variety of species. To explore the endocrine basis for this hormone action, the following study was designed to: (1) determine the cellular distribution of androgen receptors in the lacrimal gland; and (2) examine the influence of gender and the endocrine environment on(More)
BACKGROUND Oral myiasis is usually caused by flies of the order Diptera. One of the causes of human myiasis is Cochliomyia hominivorax, which is a true obligate parasite of mammals. METHODS A case of oral myiasis in a 5-year-old girl is reported. She presented with a swelling on the hard palate accompanied by intense pain and a fetid odor. A literature(More)
Androgen therapy suppresses lymphocyte infiltration in, and improves the functional activity of, lacrimal glands in a female mouse model (MRL/Mp-lpr/lpr [MRL/lpr]) of Sjögren's syndrome. To extend these findings, the current investigation was designed to identify the cellular target(s) within lacrimal tissue that may mediate this androgen effect. In(More)
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