Fábio J. Ayres

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Architectural distortion is a subtle abnormality in mammograms, and a source of overlooking errors by radiologists. Computer-aided diagnosis (CAD) techniques can improve the performance of radiologists in detecting masses and calcifications; however, most CAD systems have not been designed to detect architectural distortion. We present a new method to(More)
Objective One of the commonly missed signs of breast cancer is architectural distortion. We have developed techniques for the detection of architectural distortion in mammograms, based on the analysis of oriented texture through the application of Gabor filters and a linear phase portrait model. In this paper, we propose constraining the shape of the(More)
Lysyl oxidase (LOX), an extracellular matrix remodeling enzyme, appears to have a role in promoting breast cancer cell motility and invasiveness. In addition, increased LOX expression has been correlated with decreases in both metastases-free, and overall survival in breast cancer patients. With this background, we studied the ability of(More)
We propose a method using Gabor filters and phase portraits to automatically locate the optic nerve head (ONH) in fundus images of the retina. Because the center of the ONH is at or near the focal point of convergence of the retinal vessels, the method includes detection of the vessels using Gabor filters, detection of peaks in the node map obtained via(More)
Neuroblastoma is the most common extra-cranial, solid, malignant tumour in children. Advances in radiology have made possible the detection and staging of the disease. Nevertheless, there is no method available at present that can go beyond detection and qualitative analysis, towards quantitative assessment of the tissues composition of the primary tumour(More)
bstract. Oriented feature detectors are fundamental tools in imge understanding, as many images display information of interest n the form of oriented features. Several oriented feature detectors ave been developed; some of the important families of oriented eature detectors are steerable filters and Gabor filters. In this work, esign criteria and(More)
Mammography is a widely used screening tool for the early detection of breast cancer. One of the commonly missed signs of breast cancer is architectural distortion. The purpose of this study is to explore the application of fractal analysis and texture measures for the detection of architectural distortion in screening mammograms taken prior to the(More)
Segmentation of the tumor in neuroblastoma is complicated by the fact that the mass is almost always heterogeneous in nature; furthermore, viable tumor, necrosis, and normal tissue are often intermixed. Tumor definition and diagnosis require the analysis of the spatial distribution and Hounsfield unit (HU) values of voxels in computed tomography (CT)(More)