Fábio Coutinho

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Grid computing represents the main solution to integrate distributed and heterogeneous resources in global scale. However, the infrastructure necessary for maintaining a global grid in production is huge. Such fact has led to excessive power consumption. On the other hand, most green strategies for data centers are DVS (Dynamic Voltage Scaling)-based and(More)
Large scale bioinformatics experiments are usually composed by a set of data flows generated by a chain of activities (programs or services) that may be modeled as scientific workflows. Current Scientific Workflow Management Systems (SWfMS) are used to orchestrate these workflows to control and monitor the whole execution. It is very common in(More)
In Web-based education there is an emphasis on reusing and sharing instructional content due to the complexity of the development process of high-quality learning materials. It leads to the learning objects orientation as well as to partnerships among institutions to promote sharing of these objects. In order to allow local autonomy and less local effort(More)
Learning Content Management Systems (LCMS) store and manage e-learning content and play an important role in the development of Distance Learning technology. ROSA (Repository of Objects with Semantic Access) is a LCMS that provides the creation, storage, reuse, retrieval and management of learning objects (LO). In ROSA, course structure and content (LOs)(More)
This paper discusses strategies to the grid resource allocation in order to reduce energy consumption in a global perspective. We have implemented three green strategies: HGreen, GGreen and BOTEN. The former two strategies aim at reducing energy and were evaluated by simulation, whilst the latter intends simultaneously decreasing both energy and time.
Current large scale distributed systems face growth in data center electricity. In this paper, we have discussed energy-aware scheduling problem on grid systems. In this way, we provide GGreen -- a greedy task scheduling algorithm in order to reduce the global energy consumption on grid systems. GGreen strategy has an observational approach that focus on(More)
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