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This study compared three anesthetics widely used in endodontics and analyzed the following variables: amount necessary to achieve adequate anesthesia; anesthetic efficacy, defined as no sensation during endodontic treatment; anesthetic duration; and cost-benefit. Sixty patients diagnosed with irreversible pulpitis of a mandibular molar were selected at the(More)
OBJECTIVES The purpose of this in vitro quantitative laboratorial study is to compare the ability of three filling techniques to fill simulated lateral canals. METHODS Thirty extracted, single-rooted human teeth were used. After cleaning and shaping, three lateral canals were created, one in each third. The teeth were randomly separated into three groups:(More)
Dens invaginatus (DI), commonly known as dens in dente, is a developmental malformation of teeth that most commonly affects permanent maxillary incisor teeth. DI can present in a variety of forms, knowledge of which can usefully help in endodontic diagnosis and treatment. This article reports on an unusual case of DI type III with a periradicular lesion in(More)
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