Ezzeldin Galal

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BACKGROUND Ocular dysmotility is a common feature of Graves' ophthalmopathy and frequently requires strabismus surgery. We reviewed the short-term results of strabismus surgery for Graves' ophthalmopathy to determine pre- and perioperative parameters predictive of postoperative outcome. METHODS A retrospective review of Graves' ophthalmopathy patients who(More)
The data comprise 254 first and 150 second 305-day lactation records of buffaloes and their dams at Mahalet Mousa Experimental Station. These records were used for the evaluation of the effect of various factors upon 305-day milk yield. The average daily milk yield and percentage constituents were measured on 58 lactation records. Samples were taken on the(More)
Cockroach-specific IgE antibodies (CR-IgE) were assayed in the sera of 51 asthmatic and 33 healthy, nonallergic children. Cockroach IgE was detected in 43 asthmatic children (84%), seven of whom showed a high CR-IgE response (> or = 1.5 IU/ml). Only three of the healthy children (9%) had a positive response, and none of them were in the strongly positive(More)
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