Ezzeldin A Mostafa

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OBJECTIVES Pulmonary hypertension in paediatric patients with ventricular septal defect remains one of the most important determinants of perioperative morbidity and mortality. Sildenafil is an oral, well-tolerated pulmonary vasodilator with few drug interactions. We studied the effect of oral sildenafil, when given before and after surgical closure(More)
Sixty female C57BL/6 mice were infected with 40 Schistosoma mansoni cercariae each. Seven weeks later, they were mated with normal syngeneic males. Uninfected mice (30) were bred in parallel, and both groups were bred several more times with daily records of pregnancy, delivery and number of offsprings. The number of pregnancy was 146, with 50 survived(More)
Within a 40-month period ending in June 1992, we used the transseptal approach in performing mitral valve surgery on 18 patients. The patients selected had 1 or more of the following indications: small left atrium; adhesions from previous cardiac surgery or rheumatic activity; large, organized left atrial thrombus: the need for concomitant tricuspid valve(More)
BACKGROUND Continuous effort is still provided in designing optimal artificial heart valves with better hemodynamic function and reduced thromboembolic potential. The question is do we have moved forward toward this goal or not. METHODS A prospective, randomized comparative study was done on 360 patients scheduled for elective mitral valve replacement.(More)
Objectives Favourable outcomes in the repair of Ebstein's anomaly are predicated on tricuspid valve competence, right ventricular function and presence of arrhythmia. We report our experience with a single-stage, three-fold repair of Ebstein's anomaly, namely, cone reconstruction of the tricuspid valve supplemented by bidirectional cavopulmonary anastomosis(More)
Offsprings C57BL/6 mice (4 weeks old) coming from either moderately infected (40 S. mansoni cercariae) or heavily infected (100 S. mansoni cerariae) mothers, were exposed to 40 S. mansoni cercariae each. Seven weeks post infection (P.I.), Offsprings were sacrificed. In both groups there was significant reduction in the worm load, both hepatic and intestinal(More)
OBJECTIVES There is an increasing trend to perform the bidirectional superior cavopulmonary (Glenn) anastomosis without cardiopulmonary bypass. In this report, we present our results of off-pump bidirectional Glenn operation done without using a venoatrial shunt to decompress the superior vena cava during clamping. [corrected]. METHODS A prospective,(More)
OBJECTIVES Off-pump bilateral bidirectional Glenn (b-BDG) poses a surgical challenge and may add complexity to the postoperative outcome especially regarding uniformity of the anastomosis and central pulmonary artery growth. Herein, we report early- and mid-term outcomes after off-pump b-BDG without using superior vena cava decompression techniques. (More)
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