Ezzedine Ben Braiek

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Denoising image is considered as a very important pretreatment and a basic operation for meaningful analysis of acquired image. In this paper, a comparative study of image denoising techniques is presented. We analyzed the ineffectiveness of isotropic and anisotropic diffusion and extended the work into the regular anisotropic diffusion. Isotropic diffusion(More)
The most striking waveform in an electrocardiogram (ECG) is the QRS complex. The detection of the R wave is the first step in any automatic analysis of the ECG. In this paper, we propose a new method based on a preprocessing of ECG signal in order to restore and enhance it properly. For this purpose, we use the intrinsic components issues from the empirical(More)
In this paper we propose a new image segmentation method to detect surface defects with small shapes in images characterized by low contrast level and affected by non-uniform illumination. The proposed segmentation method is based on level set active contour approach where a center-surround feature saliency map used to suppress the clutter background and(More)
The development of the World Wide Web has not only facilitated the digital data processing and transmission but also has led to ease the illegal distribution and reproduction of digital multimedia online. Several techniques have been proposed to limit the illegal use of transmitted data such as steganography, cryptography and watermarking techniques. The(More)
This paper proposes a new four-dimensional hyperchaotic map based on the lorenz system to realize hyper-chaotic encryption in higher dimension and improve the security. The hyper-chaotic sequences generated by the new method used to generate key sequences. The key sequences are used for image encryption. The security test results indicate that the new(More)
Usable speech criteria are proposed to extract minimally corrupted speech for speaker identification in co-channel speech. This paper deals with a empirical mode decomposition for usable speech segments detection of co-channel speech. Usable speech detected could be processed by a speaker identification system. Experiment and simulation of this method is(More)
Prostate cancer is becoming a threat to humanity. Today, the diagnosis of diseases is still be realized mostly by manual methods. Nevertheless, this traditional process is inefficient and not accurate. Its precision depends on the operator's expertise. Thus, applying machine learning algorithms for malignant cells detection and counting remains a(More)
In welding inspection and control, radiography imaging technique is one of the most popular methods used in this area. It has a vital role in the detection and the extraction of flaws which may affect the well functioning of many systems. Radiography image processing becomes a difficult task with conventional methods due to the low contrast between flaws(More)
The rapid evolution of technology and its applications have created the need for new techniques for copyright protection and data owner identification. Many researches are proposed to establish a potential solution to protect the ownership rights. In the last years, various watermarking techniques have been proposed to protect digital data online. This work(More)
Video de-noising presents a necessary step in video processing. It improves its quality and permits a preview processing for other applications such as objects tracking, compression, feature extraction, edge detection, motion tracking... etc. In this paper, we combined the mathematical morphology operations with low-pass filtering to improve real-time video(More)