Ezra Kaahwa Mugisa

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The concept of a learning object (LO) has spread quickly without a very specific universal definition, and though born originally from the idea of object oriented design, with a goal of providing high levels of reusability for digital learning resources, it is being developed generally without reference to the ideals of the object oriented design paradigm.(More)
Throughout the literature there is significant evidence to show that in general the goals of learning object reusabil-ity and interoperability are not being met very well. In this paper we discuss how object orientation can be applied to the learning object concept to improve interoperability and reusability. In particular we show how features of object(More)
We present a systematic means of designing serviceoriented systems. Because services are developed independently, with no prior knowledge about each other, there is only a limited possibility that such services use similar message templates, initiate calls to any other service, or generate messages to support desired architecture configurations. As a(More)