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We have used the proteolytic properties of botulinum and tetanus neurotoxins (BoNT, TeNT) to cleave three proteins of the membrane fusion machinery, SNAP-25, VAMP/synaptobrevin, and syntaxin, in developing and differentiated rat central neurons in vitro. Then, we have studied the capacity of neurons to extend neurites, make synapses, and release(More)
Histamine is able to induce spontaneous-like headache attacks in migraine and cluster headache subjects. Therefore, it has been considered as a possible agent in the pathogenesis of headache. Histamine desensitization is used for the treatment of cluster and other chronic headaches like migrains with interparoxysmal headache. However, it is unknown whether(More)
The cultivation of rice, one of the most important staple crops worldwide, has very high water requirements. A variety of irrigation practices are applied, whose pros and cons, both in terms of water productivity and of their effects on the environment, are not completely understood yet. The continuous monitoring of irrigation and rainfall inputs, as well(More)
This study assessed a novel technique for removing nitrogen from digested organic waste based on a slow release of ammonia that was promoted by continuous mixing of the digestate and delivering a continuous air stream across the surface of the liquid. Three 10-day experiments were conducted using two 50-L reactors. In the first two, nitrogen removal(More)
NIR spectroscopy has proven to be one of the most efficient and ready to transfer tools to monitor product's quality. Portable VIS/NIR instruments are particularly versatile and suitable for field use to monitor the ripening process or quality parameters. The aim of this work is to develop and evaluate a new simplified optoelectronic system for potential(More)
LOAD IN UNPROTECTED FALLS ON THE HIP V. Askegaard, J.B. Lauritzen. Department of Orthopaedi~ Surgery, Bispebjerg Hospital, University of Copenhagen, Department of Structural Engineering, Technical University of Der~ark. The fracture load in the proximal femur ranges from 2.0 to 6.3 kN (i) ,but no data are available about the impact force acting on the hip(More)
At present, the most commonly used method for assessing bone density is dual' energy X-ray absorptiometry (DEXA). However, this method has some disadvantages such as radiation exposure (though low) and expensiveness. A new ultrasound technique has bean recently proposed for evaluating skeletal integrity by measuring speed of sound and ultrasonic attenuation(More)
In epidemiology of osteoporosis, obesity is to be considered one of its protecting factors. However there are in the literature discordant opinions: some authors describe a protective effect of obesity on the trabecular bone, others on the cortical one, others no effects at all and others finally a positive influence on both the trabecular and the cortical(More)
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