Ezio Maria Nicodemi

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OBJECTIVES To retrospectively evaluate the safety and efficacy of percutaneous sclerotherapy with polidocanol in 9 patients with venous malformations of the glans penis. Vascular malformations of the external genitalia can be aesthetically and functionally disabling. These lesions are rare and their treatment is still controversial. METHODS Seven patients(More)
OBJECTIVE To discuss the differential diagnosis and the management of venous malformations of the vulva. METHODS Five symptomatic patients were treated. The degree of pain and discomfort was self-assessed by using a horizontal visual analog scale before and after treatment. Preoperative evaluation included Doppler ultrasound scanning in all patients and(More)
Vessel proliferation underlies a number of serious pathological conditions. Infantile Hemangioma (IH) is a low-aggressive vascular tumor, interesting as an in vivo model of spontaneous tumor regression. Identifying mechanisms underlying IH spontaneous regression may then help to elucidate vessel-growth control, strongly deregulated in other serious(More)
Several cellular functions relate to ion-channels activity. Physiologically relevant chains of events leading to angiogenesis, cell cycle and different forms of cell death, require transmembrane voltage control. We hypothesized that the unordered angiogenesis occurring in solid cancers and vascular malformations might associate, at least in part, to(More)