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A field orientation scheme for current-fed induction motor drives that is based on the closed-loop control of the torque angle is presented. Merits of the scheme are insensitivity to the rotor resistance and simplicity of implementation. The limits of the conventional field orientation solutions are reviewed. The scheme is then formulated, and its(More)
The Industrial Internet of Thing (IIoT) approach to an Industry plant design, devises a comprehensive interconnection of the system components, from sections up to single devices, in order to get a general and punctual understanding of the process. Such an intelligent network, mostly based on Ethernet basic layers, when properly conceived, should be able to(More)
The authors discuss electric drives currently employed in robotics and evaluate their performance in comparison with new kinds of motors now available. The importance of the control system in view of the motion coordination of different drives is stressed. In order to reliably evaluate these aspects, the authors propose an articulated structure to be(More)
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