Ezgi Çaǧla Özcan

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We conducted the first study on Turkish children with autism and tablet computers, with a web-based iPad application designed especially for them. We performed a pilot study on three Turkish boys of different ages with autism to observe their reactions to the tablet application and its effectiveness in teaching the sequencing skill, which is part of their(More)
Bifidobacteria colonize the gut of various mammals, including humans, where they may metabolize complex, diet-, and host-derived carbohydrates. The glycan-associated metabolic features encoded by bifidobacteria are believed to be strongly influenced by cross-feeding activities due to the co-existence of strains with different glycan-degrading properties. In(More)
Commensal bifidobacteria colonize the human gastrointestinal tract and catabolize glycans that are impervious to host digestion. Accordingly, Bifidobacterium longum typically secrete acetate and lactate as fermentative endproducts. This study tested the hypothesis that B. longum utilize cranberry-derived xyloglucans in a strain-dependent manner.(More)
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