Ezequiel Martínez Mas

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UNLABELLED The aim of the study which we present is to analyze the incidence of late complications, clinical and sub-clinical, of venous reservoirs implanted through two access routes, subclavian (group A), and brachial (group B). It is a multi-centric clinical study, initiated in 1992, in which the general surgery departments of three general hospitals of(More)
Presentation of an experimental study comparing the scarring of colic anastomoses performed in Wistar rats fed with three different types of diet: a standard laboratory diet, an enteral low-residue diet and a low-residue diet supplemented with fermentable fibre in short chain fatty acids (pectin). Scarring in the group fed with the standard laboratory diet(More)
UNLABELLED A multicentric clinical trial was performed to evaluate two routes of access for implantable subcutaneous central venous devices: by way of the subclavian vein (group A) and peripheral access by way of the veins of the flexion side of the elbow (group B). The indications for implantation were: antineoplastic treatment of solid tumors, myelo- and(More)
The association of colorectal carcinoma and septicemia or endocarditis by Streptococcus bovis is well known. Nonetheless, other localizations of infection by Streptococcus bovis have not been associated with colorectal carcinoma. The case of association of colon neoplasm with infection by Streptococcus bovis localized in the surgical wound of resection of a(More)
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