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Effect of intraperitoneal administration of vitamin C (ascorbic acid) on anemia in experimental Trypanosoma congolense infected rabbits
The effect of Vitamin C supplementation on anemia in experimental Trypanosoma congolense infected rabbits was investigated. Locally bred rabbits were infected with 6 ´ 106 trypanosomes per rabbit andExpand
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Use of Multi-criteria Decision Analysis Methods for Water Supply Problems: A Framework for Improved Rainwater Harvesting
Several conflicting objectives are considered in decision-making. MCDA (multi-criteria decision analysis) methods are developed to facilitate better decision making by decision-makers. Water supplyExpand
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Cultivation of Candida utilis on Cassava Peel Hydrolysates for Single-cell Protein Production
Abstract: The growth of Candida utilis NRRL Y-1084 in acid and enzymatic hydrolysates of cassava peel and on glucose in a mineral salts medium was investigated in aerobic submerged cultivation.Expand
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Comparative Studies of the Biochemical Parameters of the Leaves and Seeds of Moringa oleifera
Comparative studies of the biochemical parameters of the leaves and seeds of Moringa oleifera was carried out to provide additional information on the nutritional status of the leaf and seed of M.Expand
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Panie Hofman, radź Pan jak nie stać się skansenem
Mialem juz sobie odpuścic pisanie o zagrozeniu dla ciąglości panstwowości polskiej. Mialem, ale nie moge, bo nasi biją na trwoge w tarabany. Biją coraz...
Effect of Termite Mound on Growth of Maize in the Humid Forest of Southern Nigeria
Pots experiments were conducted to assess the effect of termite mound on growth of maize in the humid forest of southern Nigeria during the 2011 cropping season at the Teaching and Research Farm ofExpand
Effects of Moringa oleifera leaf extract and sodium hypochlorite seed pretreatment on seed germination, seedling growth rate and fungal abundance in two accessions of Abelmoschus esculentus (L) Moench
Effects of Moringa oleifera leaf extract and Sodium hypochlorite seed pre-treatment on the seed germination, seedling growth rate and fungal activities in two accessions of Abelmoschus esculentus wasExpand
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Macromarketing and Economic Development of Nigeria: A Conceptual Review
The economic development of a nation remains paramount to any government and this can be achieved through the activities of macromarketing. The study conceptually and empirically showed how theExpand