Ezekiel Okike

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Chidamber and Kemerer first defined a cohesion measure for object-oriented software – the Lack of Cohesion in Methods (LCOM) metric. This paper presents a pedagogic evaluation and discussion about the LCOM metric using field data from three industrial systems. System 1 has 34 classes, System 2 has 383 classes and System 3 has 1055 classes. The main(More)
Temperamental suitability (personality traits) could be a factor to consider in career placement and professional development. It could also be an indicator of professional success or failure in any profession such as Systems Analysis and Design (SAD). However, there is not sufficient empirical evidence in support of the personality traits to which systems(More)
Purpose The difference in traits and behaviours of individuals affect their output when proffering solutions to problems. Since people receive, process and act upon information differently, understanding their preferences, deciding on which one to go for and communicating it in a way they understand should yield expected results. Design/Methodology/Approach(More)
The importance of having a system through which meaningful population data could be collected at national level and on a continuous basis in the African continent cannot be overemphasized. As such, national governments through the legislature pass mandates and other procedures for registration of all births and deaths, as well as having a national system of(More)
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