Ezekiel Ademola Caxton-Martins

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This study was aimed to determine the persistence of neurodegeneration in the cerebral cortex of adult Wistar rats following prenatal ethanol exposure. Timed pregnant rats maintained on standard mouse chow (Ladokun Feeds, Ibadan, Nigeria) and water ad libitum were used for the study. The rats were divided randomly into groups A and B (n-6) and C (n = 4).(More)
This study presents the effects of prenatal ethanol exposure on the morphology of the seminiferous tubules of the testes in the adult male rat. Timed-pregnant adult female Wistar rats (average weight 200 g) were given daily intragastric intubation of 5.8 g/kg ethanol between gestation days 9 and 12. Pair-fed and ad lib-fed animals served as controls. The(More)
Datura metel is one of psychoactive substances of great ethno-pharmacological significance often abused because of its unrestricted availability, yet, little is known about its mechanisms of action. This work was therefore aimed at assessing the activity of ethanolic seed extract of D. metel on Nissl substances, astrocytes, axonal and neuronal integrity of(More)
BACKGROUND The aim of this study was to examine whether neem Azadirachta indica possesses regenerative potential on the stomach and ileum at 500 mg/kg dose given every 12 hours after mucosa lesion was brought by the administration of 1 ml of 50% ethanol for 21 consecutive days in adult Wistar rats. METHODS Adult male Wistar rats used in the study were(More)
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