Eyyammadichiyil Sankaranarayanan Sreekumar

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Experiments were conducted in chickens to understand the effects of oral immunomodulation. Heat inactivated M phlei, a commensal Mycobacterium and a non-specific immunomodulator, was administered orally prior to live Newcastle disease F (ND F) strain vaccination. In experimental birds it lead to an enhanced cell mediated Immune response (CMI) against the(More)
A novel depsipeptide (PM181110) was purified from an endophytic fungus Phomopsis glabrae isolated from the leaves of Pongamia pinnata (family Fabaceae). The chemical structure of PM181110 was elucidated using physiochemical properties, 2D NMR and other spectroscopic methods. PM181110 is very close in structure to FE399. The compound exhibited in vitro(More)
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