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AIM The aim of this study was to evaluate electrophysiological and histopathological effects of mesenchymal stem cells in treatment of sciatic nerve injury. MATERIAL AND METHODS Thirty-two female Spraque-Dawley rat were used in this study. Eight rats were used as a reference group in electrophysiological analysis for evaluation of non-injured nerve(More)
The antagonistic effect of aspartic acid on some effects of morphine is known. This is mainly seen in the development of dependence on and tolerance to morphine. We investigated the mutual effects of the two drugs on the brain levels in mice. A total of 120 mice were examined in two groups. One group was given an intraperitoneal injection of tritiated(More)
The effect of 3 different doses of chronically-administered morphine on the primary immune response was studied in mice by estimating spleen/body weight ratio and serum hemolysin production against sheep red blood cells (SRBC). It was observed that morphine exerted a dose-dependent inhibitory effect on the immune response which was antagonized by the(More)
Since it has been shown in a previous study that aspartic acid prevents the development of physical dependence on and tolerance to morphine and antagonizes the abstinence syndrom signs, the biochemical bases of that prevention were investigated in the present study. The brain contents of serotonin, DA, NA, and free amino acids of the rats given aspartic(More)
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