Eylyn Navarro

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We describe an outbreak of skin lesions due to Mycobacterium chelonae subsp. abscessus associated with injections of lidocaine (lignocaine) given by a 'bioenergetic' (a practitioner of alternative medicine) in Colombia. The lidocaine carpules and the lesions of the patients yielded mycobacteria with identical biochemical characteristics. Using the(More)
AIMS To compare the efficacy and tolerability of the antiplatelet agent triflusal with aspirin in the prevention of cardiovascular events following acute myocardial infarction. METHODS AND RESULTS In this double-blind, multicentre, sequential design study, patients were randomized within 24 h of acute myocardial infarction symptom onset to receive(More)
OBJECTIVE To report confirmed cases of spontaneous testicular ascent in patients with a cryptorchid testis which had been previously placed in the scrotum. PATIENTS AND METHODS Between 1972 and 1992, 46 cryptorchid testes (36 patients), which were previously verified to be in the scrotum by staff paediatricians or paediatric surgeons, were treated(More)
OBJECTIVE Prospectively evaluate the effect on the nutritional status of a glucose polymer as energy supplementation alone in chronic hemodialysis patients with moderate and severe malnutrition. MATERIAL AND METHODS The nutritional status of 55 hemodialysis patients was assessed by using a score that included Iron binding capacity, albumin, cholesterol,(More)
Twenty-five control subjects, fifteen subjects with Type 2 and ten subjects with Type 1 diabetes were examined to compare motor control during walking in a linear path and during turns. To eliminate the contribution of sensory neuropathies to the feet and myopathies of the lower leg muscles, subjects were selected with no sensory impairment in their feet or(More)
A retrospective study was performed of 33 cases of non Hodgkin's lymphoma in children diagnosed in our hospital. The mean age was 10 years and there were 24 males and 9 females. The distribution, according to Rappaport's diagnostic classification, was: 11 undifferentiated lymphomas, 9 lymphoblastic lymphomas, 6 diffuse histiocytic lymphomas, and 7 cases of(More)
The purpose of this work was to evaluate the therapeutic results attained with our 1980 protocol for Hodgkin's disease. The usefulness of staging laparotomy was also analysed. Along a 9-year period, 94 patients were diagnosed (stages IA and IIA: 26 cases, IB, IIB and IIIA: 24 cases, and IIIB and IV: 44 cases). The complete remission (CR) rate, as a whole,(More)
Pituitary function studies were performed on 20 patients with benign intracranial hypertension. Abnormal results were only obtained in six cases and all of these findings could be attributed to sources other than the increased intracranial pressure. Once the disease as well as its cause had disappeared, a second study was carried out and the results for all(More)