Eyidayo Adebola

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In this article, we exploit an exponential-type integral representation for the generalized Marcum-Q function Q<sub>v</sub>(a,b) (which is valid for any ratio a/b) to unify the performance evaluation of the marginal area under the receiver operating characteristics curve (AUC) metric of average energy detectors with diversity reception in a myriad of fading(More)
In this article, we employ two distinct methods to derive simple closed-form approximations for the statistical expectations of the positive integer powers of Gaussian probability integral [ ( )] p E Q γ β γ Ω with respect to its fading signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) γ random variable. In the first approach, we utilize the shifting property of Dirac delta(More)
In this article, we carryout performance analysis on energy detectors in myriads of generalized fading environments. We utilize a new “exponential-type” contour and finite-range integral representations for the generalized M-th order Marcum Q-function QM(α,β) when its real order M>0 is not necessarily an integer. The accuracy of the new alternative integral(More)
In this article, we develop new closed-form asymptotic approximations for the average symbol error rate (ASER) and the outage probability performance metrics of digital communication systems impaired by additive white Gaussian noise and fading. Specifically, our expressions generalize some of the known asymptotic results to a wide range of fading(More)