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The Sunni-Shi‘i Struggle over Lebanon: A New Chapter in the History of Lebanon
In early May 2008, Shi‘i fighters of Hizbullah took control of West Beirut, the largest and most important Sunni center in Lebanon. This development raised a fierce storm, both within the country andExpand
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Who's afraid of Syrian nationalism? National and state identity in Syria
The death of Hafiz al-Assad on 10 June 2000 marked the end of an era in the history of modern Syria. Assad was often described, with considerable justification, as the founding father of the state,Expand
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This article addressed the surprising revival of the Syrian Social National Party (SSNP), in Syria since the early 1990s. This revival was a result of convergence between the ruling Ba،th regime inExpand
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The Israeli–Syrian–Lebanese Triangle: The Renewed Struggle over Lebanon
At the beginning of 2005, it seemed for a moment that Lebanon had reached a turning point in its history. After a generation of Syrian influence and control over Lebanon, Damascus was compelled, as aExpand
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Alone at the Top: Bashar al-Assad and the Struggle for Syria
Introduction On March 18, 2011, the Arab Spring reached Syria. Overnight, the nation was engulfed in flames heralding the outbreak of the Syrian revolution destined – so it seemed at the time – toExpand
An Israeli Watershed: Strike on Syria
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The Syrian Government’s War against Its People
The Many Implications