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Is Evidence of Evidence Evidence
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Evidence of evidence is evidence (trivially)
Richard Feldman (2007, 2011) has proposed and defended different versions of a principle about evidence. In slogan form, the principle holds that ‘evidence of evidence is evidence’. Recently, BrandenExpand
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Self-Intimation, Infallibility, and Higher-Order Evidence
The Self-Intimation thesis has it that whatever justificatory status a proposition has, i.e., whether or not we are justified in believing it, we are justified in believing that it has that status.Expand
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Knowledge-First Evidentialism and the Dilemmas of Self-Impact
When a belief is self-fulfilling, having it guarantees its truth. When a belief is self-defeating, having it guarantees its falsity. These are the cases of “self-impacting” beliefs to be examinedExpand
Is higher-order evidence evidence?
Suppose we learn that we have a poor track record in forming beliefs rationally, or that a brilliant colleague thinks that we believe P irrationally. Does such input require us to revise thoseExpand