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Trauma, disease, developmental deformities, and tumor resection frequently cause bone defects that seriously challenge the skills of orthopedic and maxillofacial surgeons. Currently, repairing osseous deficiencies involves various medical surgical techniques, including autogenous grafts, allografts, internal and external fixation devices, electrical(More)
Recombinant human bone morphogenetic protein (rhBMP-2) was examined for its in vitro effects on biochemical markers representing osteoblast phenotype. Primary cultures of fetal rat calvarial osteoblasts were used in this study. The results indicated that rhBMP-2 stimulated alkaline phosphatase activity, parathyroid hormone (PTH)-induced cyclic AMP(More)
Purpose. Thickening of the external aqueous phase of W/O/W multiple emulsions is essential to increase the release under shear. However, it leads to globules bursting during fabrication. To reduce this problem, we have tested a novel thermally reversible hydrogel, EMP hydrogel. This way, the corresponding multiple emulsion (EMPME) would gel only at skin(More)
OBJECTIVE This study examined adherence to alert-based cues for plantar pressure offloading in patients with diabetic foot disease. METHOD AND DESIGN Participants (n = 17) with in diabetic foot remission (history of neuropathic ulceration) were instructed to wear a smart insole system (the SurroSense Rx, Orpyx Medical Technologies Inc, Calgary, Canada)(More)
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