Eyal Berliner

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Kinesin, a two-headed motor enzyme molecule, hydrolyses ATP to direct organelle transport along microtubules. As it moves along a microtubule, kinesin remains associated with, or 'tracks', microtubule protofilaments. We have prepared truncated kinesin derivatives that contain either two mechanochemical head domains or only a single head. Unlike intact(More)
Contrary to auditory and somatosensory evoked potentials, surface recorded visual evoked potentials which arise in subcortical neural elements have rarely been described. Considerable disagreement exists between the reports in the literature on such visual potentials. In this study, flash stimuli were used to evoke the potentials which were recorded from(More)
Broadcast scenarios, such as streaming HD video to one or many clients, seem as a natural fit for the wireless medium, and indeed the two couple well in satellite TV networks. The same kind of compatibility with broadcast may be expected from modern Wi-Fi networks featuring extended-range Access Points (APs). Yet, the 802.11 protocol was not designed with(More)
Hypothalamic suprachiasmatic nucleus (Schn) and Arquate nucleus (AN) were studied in female rats kept under constant illumination (rats with persistent estrus) or under light-dark cyclic illumination (normal estrus cycle). To destroy monoaminergic terminals, some rats from each group were injected with neurotoxic agents into the lateral cerebral ventricle.(More)
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