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Monitoring and analyzing wireless networks for network structure and behavior is a complex task. Such monitoring often requires creating extra traffic, dedicated hardware and a prior knowledge of the network components and structure. In this paper we present a novel approach for monitoring large and complex wireless networks, fast deployed which operate(More)
Broadcast scenarios, such as streaming HD video to one or many clients, seem as a natural fit for the wireless medium, and indeed the two couple well in satellite TV networks. The same kind of compatibility with broadcast may be expected from modern Wi-Fi networks featuring extended-range Access Points (APs). Yet, the 802.11 protocol was not designed with(More)
Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks (MANET) are known for their rapid deployment and self-organizing capabilities. Those qualities are making MANET a candidate communication infrastructure for rescue forces in emergency events. However, existing Wi-Fi MANET implementations are exhibiting unsatisfactory performance, and the dynamic multi-hop topology of the network makes(More)
As communication is the most fundamental resource for a smart city, it cannot allow any disruption with the related services. Therefore, real-time monitoring systems for the QoS state for the communication infrastructure are vital. Such systems that can detect communications failure can be used also for redeploying emergency and ad-hoc communications(More)
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