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Advisor Date DEDICATION I dedicate this thesis to my loving husband, Mr. Dinakar Prasad Polavaram. Without his constant help, encouragement, comments and support, the completion of this work would not have been possible. ii ACKNOWLEDGMENTS I would like to thank Dr. Hongwei Zhang, my advisor for his guidance, support and constant feedback. His enthusiasm for(More)
DEDICATION Dedicated to my parents, Majed Hailat and Amal Alshouha. To my wife, Maram, and to my little angel, Lilian. Also, I dedicate this work to my brothers and sisters and their families. Special thanks to all my friends. ii ACKNOWLEDGMENTS First, I would like to thank God almighty for giving me the chance to start and finish my Ph.D. and for all other(More)
Maximizing the performance potential of the modern day GPU architecture requires judicious utilization of available parallel resources. Although dramatic reductions can often be obtained through straightforward mappings, further performance improvements often require algorithmic redesigns to more closely exploit the target architecture. In this paper, we(More)
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