Exu Anton Mates

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Replacing gas in the lung with perfluorocarbon fluids (PFC) and periodically ventilating with a gas [partial liquid ventilation (PLV)] has been shown to improve oxygenation in models of respiratory distress syndrome. We hypothesized that the addition of PFC to healthy lungs would result in shunt, diffusion impairment, and increased ventilation-perfusion(More)
Personality change in nonhuman primates is a topic that warrants more research attention. Many studies focus on intraindividual repeatability, but few note population-wide trends in personality change. In part, this results from the large sample size that is required to detect such trends. In the present study, we measured personality in a large sample (N =(More)
Total liquid ventilation (LV) lowers airway pressures and potentially reduces barotrauma in models of hyaline membrane disease. LV eliminates surface tension by eliminating the air-perfluorochemicals (PFC) interface but does not eliminate interfacial tension (IT) at the lung/PFC interface. We hypothesized that pretreatment with exogenous surfactant before(More)
Previous research on inter-individual variation in the calls of corvids has largely been restricted to single call types, such as alarm or contact calls, and has rarely considered the effects of age on call structure. This study explores structural variation in a contextually diverse set of "caw" calls of the American crow (Corvus brachyrhynchos), including(More)