Ewout Martens

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— Circuit–level simulation of modulators is a time– consuming task (taking one or more days for meaningful results). While there are a great variety of techniques and tools that speed up the simulations for discrete–time (DT) modulators, there is no rigorous methodology implemented in a tool to efficiently simulate and design the continuous– time (CT)(More)
A new approach for automated synthesis of analog and mixed-signal systems is presented. The heterogeneous genetic optimization strategy starts from a functional description and evolves a simple design solution in a strict top-down design process to a complex one that fulfills multiple objectives. Transformations of both architecture and parameters are(More)
In this paper a formal model of computation is proposed to perform time-efficient simulations of continuous-time ¿¿ modulators. It is based on the state-space representation of the modulator. The formal character of the model makes it suited for implementation in an arbitrary language. It is explained how different models of the building blocks can easily(More)