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In two experiments, we investigated whether a P300 based Concealed Information Test (CIT) can be used to detect concealed face recognition. The results show that detection of concealed face recognition is highly successful when stimuli depict persons who are personally highly familiar, and instructions to conceal recognition are given. When pictures depict(More)
Evidence suggests that asymmetry in frontal electrical activity predicts responses to aversive experiences, such that higher left-sided activity might dampen responses to trauma reminders. We measured frontal asymmetry at rest and during viewing of a trauma film, and assessed startle responses to film-reminder images. To explore potential moderators, we(More)
Brain imaging studies suggest that truth telling constitutes the default of the human brain and that lying involves intentional suppression of the predominant truth response. By manipulating the truth proportion in the Sheffield lie test, we investigated whether the dominance of the truth response is malleable. Results showed that frequent truth telling(More)
An advantage of the concealed information polygraph test (CIT) is that its false positive rate is determined on statistical grounds, and can be set a priori at arbitrary low levels (i.e., few innocents declared guilty). This criterion, however, inevitably leads to a loss of sensitivity (i.e., more guilty suspects declared innocent). We explored whether the(More)
A new method has been developed that provides mass-conserving wind fields for global chemistry-transport models. In previous global Eulerian modeling studies a mass-imbalance was found between the model mass transport and the surface pressure tendencies. Several methods have been suggested to correct for this imbalance, but so far no satisfactory solution(More)
  • D Brunner, J Staehelin, H L Rogers, M O Köhler, J A Pyle, D A Hauglustaine +10 others
  • 2004
This is the second part of a rigorous model evaluation study involving five global Chemistry-Transport and two Chemistry-Climate Models operated by different groups in Europe. Simulated trace gas fields were interpolated to the exact times and positions of the observations to account for the actual weather conditions and hence for the specific histories of(More)
In a recent issue of Cognitive Neurodynamics Farwell (Cogn Neurodyn 6:115–154, 2012) published a comprehensive tutorial review of the use of Event Related Brain Potentials (ERP) in the detection of concealed information. Farwell’s review covered much of his own work employing his “brain fingerprinting” technology. All his work showed a 100 % accuracy rate(More)
Estrogen affects autonomic functions such as micturition. The sacral cord is important in the control of micturition and contains numerous estrogen receptor-alpha immnoreactive (ER-alpha IR) neurons. Therefore, the present double labeling study examines whether sacral parasympathetic preganglionic neurons innervating the bladder are immunoreactive for(More)
Psychopathy is a disorder that is characterized by marked emotional deficiencies. Because previous studies suggest that an individual's sensitivity to bodily signals--or "interoceptive awareness"--is associated with various components of emotional functioning, the authors expected this capacity to be reduced in psychopathic individuals. Therefore, the(More)
  • K C A M Luyben, M Pinzger, E Meijer, H De Ridder, M Burnett, M Chaudron +1 other
  • 2012
Acknowledgements First of all, I would like to thank Arie. Thanks for always supporting my decisions, for being there when times were a bit tough and for loads of fun and inspiration. Martin, thanks for the gazillion spelling errors you corrected in all my papers, your patience was amazing. Stefan Jager, thanks for trusting me to experiment freely at(More)