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A method is presented for the electroanalytical characterization of interactions of dsDNA with a drug, under conditions that both agents are dissolved in the phosphate buffer solution and both are electroactive. Normal pulse, square wave, differential pulse, and cyclic voltammetries were employed in the measurements of the drug and dsDNA oxidation signals(More)
Recent biomedical hydrogels applications require the development of nanostructures with controlled diameter and adjustable mechanical properties. Here we present a technique for the production of flexible nanofilaments to be used as drug carriers or in microfluidics, with deformability and elasticity resembling those of long DNA chains. The fabrication(More)
Composites consisting of ss- and ds-DNA strands and polyacrylamide (PAM) hydrogel have been synthesized. DNA was entrapped non-covalently. The obtained DNA biomaterial exhibited a strong increase in guanine and adenine anodic currents when temperature reached the physiological level. This increase was related to the unique oligonucleotide structural changes(More)
The electrooxidation of double stranded DNA has been studied in a wide temperature range by cyclic and square wave voltammetries and the results were compared with UV-Vis and CD spectroscopies. A twofold increase of dsDNA voltammetric peaks related to the conformation changes preceding the denaturation process was found to begin at a temperature lower than(More)
Several medicinally important compounds that bind to dsDNA strands via intercalation (C-1311, C-1305, EtBr), major groove binding (Hoechst 33258) and covalent binding (cis-Pt) were examined. The obtained results suggest that both the transfer of conformation B to C and the denaturation process, for the ligand-dsDNA complexes, except for covalently bound(More)
The electrooxidation of double-stranded DNA (dsDNA) from calf thymus was carried by using cyclic voltammetry. A glassy carbon disk-, a platinum disk-, a platinum mesh- and a carbon vapor-deposited platinum mesh electrodes were used. It is shown that the appropriate chemical and biological (steam treatment) purification of the complete cell allows, for the(More)
The electrooxidation of short synthetic 20-nucleotides DNA sequences with various amount of guanine molecules has been studied in a wide temperature range by square wave voltammetry and the results were compared with UV-vis and CD spectra. A twofold increase of dsDNA voltammetric peak, related to an increase in the number of electrons transferred in the(More)
The images for Figs 6 and 7 are incorrectly switched. The image that appears as Fig 6 should be Fig 7 and the image that appears as Fig 7 should be Fig 6. The figure captions appear in the correct order. Please view the correct figures below. The fifth sentence in the second paragraph of the Results subsection titled “Mechanical properties of hydrogel(More)
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