Ewelina Warzych

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Upon a dark-to-light shift, the conditional fluorescent (flu) mutant of Arabidopsis releases singlet oxygen (1O2) within the plastid compartment. Distinct sets of nuclear genes are activated that are different from those induced by superoxide (O2*-)) and/or hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), suggesting that different types of reactive oxygen species activate(More)
Vitamin B6 is an essential coenzyme for numerous metabolic enzymes and is a potent antioxidant. In plants, very little is known about its contribution to viability, growth and development. The de novo pathway of vitamin B6 biosynthesis has only been described recently and involves the protein PDX1 (pyridoxal phosphate synthase protein). Arabidopsis thaliana(More)
The objective of this study was to compare the effect of different supplements to the basic IVM medium (TCM199) on the efficiency of cattle oocyte maturation and blastocyst production, and the incidence of apoptosis in both oocytes and blastocysts. Two protein supplements (FBS and fafBSA) and a macromolecule (PVP40) were compared in a 3 treatmentsx9(More)
Preimplantation bovine development is emerging as an attractive experimental model, yet little is known about the mechanisms underlying trophoblast (TE)/inner cell mass (ICM) segregation in cattle. To gain an insight into these processes we have studied protein and mRNA distribution during the crucial stages of bovine development. Protein distribution of(More)
Although differences in the quality of oocytes derived from young gilts and adult sows are well documented, evidence concerning gametes of pre-pubertal and cycling gilts is scarce and inconsistent. The aim of this work was to establish whether sexual maturity of gilts affects the quality of their oocytes with the use of the brilliant cresyl blue (BCB) test,(More)
Information gained from most human studies indicate a negative correlation between the apoptotic index (AI) in cumulus cells (CC) and the quality of the corresponding oocytes. However, results obtained in other species are not so consistent. The rate of apoptosis-free COCs (cumulus oocytes complexes) subjected to IVM (in vitro maturation) also varies among(More)
The aim of the present study was to investigate whether protein or macromolecule supplements to in vitro maturation media affect transcript abundance of seven genes (Bax, Bcl2, Hsp70, IGF1, IGF1R, IGF2, and IGF2R) in oocytes and blastocysts. Cumulus-oocyte complexes aspirated from slaughterhouse ovaries were matured in TCM199 medium supplemented either with(More)
The objective of this study was to evaluate selected aspects of cytoplasmic maturation in oocytes from prepubertal and cyclic crossbred gilts before and after in vitro maturation. For this purpose, cortical granule redistribution, mitochondrial DNA content and mitochondria translocation were analyzed. Moreover, for the first time the fatty acid profiles in(More)
Oocytes derived from prepubertal gilts show reduced developmental competence when compared to oocytes collected from adult sows. Therefore, the aim of the study was to investigate whether gilts (4-5 months old) and adult sows (average age 3.5 years) of the same breed (Polish Landrace x Polish Large White crossbred) differ with regard to the rate of(More)
The oocyte quality is to a large extent influenced by the sexual maturity of the donor female. Although this phenomenon has already been broadly described in domestic animals, the underlying mechanisms are poorly understood. Published data focus on oocyte ultrastructure, fertilization abnormalities, and blastocyst developmental rate. The goal of the present(More)