Ewelina Kurzyk

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Development of effective and safe therapeutic treatment of fungal infections remains one of the major challenge for modern medicine. The aim of presented investigation was to analyze the in vitro antifungal activity of selected essential oils, ethanolic extracts of propolis and silver nanoparticles dropped on TiO2 against azole-resistant C. albicans (n =(More)
Aspergillus fumigatus is one of the most prevalent airborne fungal pathogens causing infections worldwide. Most A. fumigatus strains are susceptible to azoles, which are administered as the first line therapeutics. However, during last decade the acquired resistance to triazoles by these species has been described. There is a number of publications(More)
We studied the presence of triazole resistance of 121 Aspergillus fumigatus clinical isolates collected in two Polish cities, Warsaw and Wrocław, to determine if resistance is emerging in our country. We identified five itraconazole resistant isolates (4.13%) carrying the TR34/L98H alteration in Cyp51A gene, four of which were cross-resistant to(More)
OBJECTIVES The identification of species in the Arthroderma otae complex is essential to determine the origin of infection and to eliminate the risk of transmission. Microsporum canis is a zoophilic species, whereas Microsporum audouinii and Microsporum ferrugineum are anthropophilic species. In this paper, we propose alternative methods that permit(More)
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