Ewelina Eckert

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We have developed an easy and fast method to semiquantify low levels of mRNA from small amounts of brain tissues based on nonradioactive reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR). The regulation of mRNA for the growth associated protein GAP-43/B-50 and the homeodomain protein islet-1 was examined in the facial nucleus of the rat after a(More)
Enzymatic hydrolysis led to improve functional properties and biological activity of protein by-products, which can be further used as protein ingredients for food and feed applications. The effects of proteolytic enzyme modification of egg-yolk protein preparation (YP) and white protein preparation (WP), obtained as the by-products left during the course(More)
Deriving non-conventional enzymes from cheaper sources than those used for commercially available enzymes may result in the production of hydrolysates with beneficial features, while drastically reducing the cost of hydrolysis. This is especially significant for enzymatic hydrolysis as a method of protein waste utilization. We have previously described the(More)
The hypothesis is based upon: a) My observed clustering of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) cases at places with abnormal geomagnetic fields (GMF) and/or electromagnetic fields (EMF); b) recorded GMF with pulsations matching the breathing frequencies of infants; c) the reported immature development of increased dendritic spine density in the brain stem(More)
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