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Between January 1982 and December 1989 1025 patients aged between one month and 18 years with increased blood pressure were referred for evaluation. Borderline hypertension was found in 389 children; 636 had sustained significant hypertension. In 351 patients, hypertension was secondary to a known disease. Renal parenchymal diseases were present in 68% of(More)
Vein and arterial thrombosis is a rather rare but potentially life-threatening complication of nephrotic syndrome (n.s.). None of the specific markers of hypercoagulability state in n.s. have been identified. The aim of the study was to estimate plasma parameters of prothrombic state in children with n.s. Ten children aged from 3 to 10 yrs (mean 5.7 +/-(More)
Clinical evaluation of hypotensive effectiveness and the cardiovascular and side effects of enalapril monotherapy of significant essential hypertension (SEH) in adolescents was performed. The studied group included 30 pts., aged from 12 to 18 years. The mean enalapril dose was 0.22 mg/kg/24 hours. Significant decrease of systolic, diastolic and mean(More)
Cardiac function was evaluated in rest and after exercise on a cycloergometer in 20 patients with essential hypertension (EH) aged 14 to 19 years and 12 age-matched healthy volunteers. Selected parameters of ECHO examination and mitral flow were assessed, including SV, CO, CI, %SF, EF, LIVDd, IVSd, LVPWd, LVMI, total peripheral vascular resistance, ESS,(More)