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BACKGROUND High supply of raw, residual glycerol from biodiesel production plants promote the search for novel biotechnological methods of its utilization. In this study we attempted modification of glycerol catabolism in a nonconventional yeast species Yarrowia lipolytica through genetic engineering approach. RESULTS To address this, we developed a novel(More)
This is the first report on the ability of Yarrowia lipolytica strains to produce 2-phenylethanol (2-PE), which has not been identified for this species to date. 2-PE is a valuable aroma compound of rose-like odor. Its isolation from the other than microbial source—rose petals, is limited by the substrate availability. Thus, this chemical compound(More)
Raw-starch-digesting enzymes (RSDE) are of major importance for industrial applications, as their usage greatly simplifies the starch processing pipeline. To date, only microbial RSDE have gained considerable attention, since only microbial production of enzymes meets industrial demands. In this study, α-amylase from rice weevil (Sitophilus oryzae), the(More)
Starch is the dominant feedstock consumed for the bioethanol production, accounting for 60 % of its global production. Considering the significant contribution of bioethanol to the global fuel market, any improvement in its major operating technologies is economically very attractive. It was estimated that up to 40 % of the final ethanol unit price is(More)
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