Ewart Jepson

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Eleven hyperlipidemic patients took an average of 13 g guar in crispbread form over 2- to 8-week periods. Eight weeks' treatment (seven patients) reduced total serum cholesterol by 13% (P less than 0.002) while high-density lipoprotein cholesterol was unchanged. A 13% nonsignificant reduction was also seen in serum triglyceride. Comparison of blood lipid(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVE To compare responses of blood pressure to the calcium antagonist verapamil and the beta blocker metoprolol in black compared with white diabetics with hypertension and to monitor urinary albumin excretion in relation to fall in blood pressure. DESIGN Double blind, placebo controlled, random order crossover trial with four week placebo run(More)
Guar gum, a storage polysaccharide galactomannan and a form of dietary fiber, was administered to 10 patients with type II a or b hyperlipidemia for 2 weeks. Five grams of gum was given before each of three meals daily, either in a specially prepared soup or mixed with fruit juice or milk. No other deliberate change of diet was made. Three patients had been(More)
Isometric exercise (IME) produces significant hemodynamic changes in the cardiovascular system. We have used IME to study the effect of age on diastolic left ventricular (LV) function in 100 normal volunteers. The E/A ratio (peak velocity of early/atrial filling phases), deceleration time (DT), and isovolumic relaxation time (IVRT) of the transmitral flow(More)
Sixteen non-insulin-dependent diabetic patients, mean age 60 years (range 47-69 years) and duration of diabetes 9 years (2-20 years), completed a randomized cross-over study of three 6-week periods separated by 2-week intervals to minimize carry-over effects, in which their usual bread was replaced by either control bread, guar bread (100 g guar/kg wheat(More)