Ewan Findlay

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The design of modern imaging systems is intricately concerned with the control of optical aberrations in systems that can be manufactured at acceptable cost and with acceptable manufacturing tolerances. Traditionally this involves a multiparameter optimisation of the lens optics to achieve acceptable image quality at the detector. There is increasing(More)
We present an analysis of single-moving-element zoom lenses in the thin-lens limit and show how the length of these zoom lenses is determined by the zoom-factor, sensor-dimension and the depth-of-focus. By decreasing the sensor size and extending the depth-of-focus, the lengths of these zoom lenses can be reduced significantly. As an example we present a(More)
We experimentally demonstrate a miniaturized zoom lens with a single moving element based on the concepts and analysis described in Opt. Express 17, 6118 (2009). We show that the implementation of either a cubic or a generalized cubic phase-modulation function makes miniaturization possible in addition to providing extended-depth-of-field imaging. We(More)
Multichanneled imaging systems rely on nonredundant images recorded by an array of low-resolution imagers to enable construction of a high-resolution image. We show how the varying degree of redundancy associated with imaging throughout the imaged volume effects image quality. Using ray-traced image simulations and a metric used as a proxy for human(More)
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