Ewald F. Fuchs

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The fusion of data from different sensorial sources is today the most promising method to increase robustness and reliability of environmental perception. The project ProFusion2 pushes the sensor data fusion for automotive applications in the field of driver assistance systems. ProFusion2 was created to enhance fusion techniques and algorithms beyond the(More)
SETTA addresses the systems engineering of safety-critical distributed real-time systems with a special focus on time-triggered architectures. An innovative methodology and a corresponding engineering environment is developed which aims for a higher maturity at early development steps. Key features are the support for a virtual systems integration and the(More)
– Electric, water, gas and transportation utilities face severe tasks associated with security, quality, availability, reliability and profitability issues. They must solve interrelated system problems with respect to generation of electricity, transportation of fuel, and potable/waste water. Engineers and managers of utilities must be well versed in the(More)
The structure of an electromechanical drive system is given in Fig. 2.1. It consists of energy/power source, reference values for the quantities to be controlled, electronic The latter component is given and one has to select all remaining components so that desirable operational steady-state and dynamic performances can be obtained: that is, the engineer(More)
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