Ewald F. Fuchs

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– Electric, water, gas and transportation utilities face severe tasks associated with security, quality, availability, reliability and profitability issues. They must solve interrelated system problems with respect to generation of electricity, transportation of fuel, and potable/waste water. Engineers and managers of utilities must be well versed in the(More)
The structure of an electromechanical drive system is given in Fig. 2.1. It consists of energy/power source, reference values for the quantities to be controlled, electronic The latter component is given and one has to select all remaining components so that desirable operational steady-state and dynamic performances can be obtained: that is, the engineer(More)
Single-phase systems are adequate for residential applications up to an apparent power S of 5 kVA (per residence), and 25 kVA single-phase pole transformers supply power to about 5–10 residences. In rural areas irrigation applications require single-phase motor ratings of up to 50 kVA. Above this rating three-phase power equipment must be employed for(More)
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