Ewa Sobecka

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The parasitological studies were carried out on bream and perch from brackish water of Pomeranian Bay and the Szczecin Lagoon — a mouth of the Odra River. Bream and perch hosted 21 and 13 parasitic species, respectively. The species richness and diversity of parasites were much higher for bream and the abundance of parasites in bream was nearly four-fold(More)
The objective of the study was to check the health status of the anadromic river lamprey Lampetra fluviatilis (L.), the most frequently recorded lamprey species in Poland caught in Lake Dabie, connected with the Odra river estuary. The species composition of parasitofauna of the river lamprey from the Polish waters was compared to the pathogens of this host(More)
Parasitological examination of 273 pumpkinseed sunfish, caught in the warm water channel at the Dolna Odra Power Plant in Stare Czarnowo near Szczecin was carried out. The total lengths of the fish ranged from 6.8 to 18.1 cm (13.3 cm means), infected fish 9.8 to 17.5 cm. In 48 individuals the presence of nematodes representing 4 species has been found:(More)
Previous studies have shown considerable variability in morphological features and the existence of genetically distinct sibling species in the acanthocephalan Echinorhynchus gadi Zoega in Müller, 1776. The aim of the present study was to follow up and extend those earlier studies by using a combination of DNA analysis and morphometrics to investigate(More)
A new species of parasitic nematode, Collarinema eutriglae n. sp. (Cystidicolidae), is described from the stomach of the marine scorpaeniform fish Eutrigla gurnardus (Linnaeus), the grey gurnard (Triglidae), collected in the North Sea in the vicinity of the Shetland Islands (61°12′N, 00°30′E) during March, 2011. The new species, studied using both light and(More)
The myxosporean specimens were noted in grey gurnard Eutrigla gurnardus (L.) from the area near the Shetland Islands. The structure and dimensions of its vegetative stage differ from earlier descriptions. A sequence of small subunit ribosomal RNA gene obtained during the current study differs from other Ceratomyxa spp. available in GenBank. A phylogenetic(More)
Parasitological studies have been carried out on wels catfish from a heated-water-channel fish farm near the power plant and the natural water body. The cultured and free living wels catfish contained 9 and 18 parasite species, respectively. The species richness and diversity of parasites are much higher for the free living fish and the abundance of(More)
This paper presents the results of studies on endangered and rare non-commercial fish species (Spinachia spinachia, Nerophis ophidion, Syngnathus typhle, Agonus cataphractus, Pholis gunnellus, Enchelyopus cimbrius, Cyclopterus lumpus) and one lamprey species (Lampetra fluviatilis), recorded as bycatch during monitoring surveys in 2010–2013 in the Pomeranian(More)
Achtheres percarum von Nordmann, 1832 and Achtheres sandrae Gadd, 1901 (Lernaeopodidae) are common parasitic copepods infecting fishes in Eurasia. The former is specific to perch, Perca fluviatilis L., while the latter, to zander, Sander lucioperca (L.). Until recently these copepods have been regarded a single species. The present study was intended to(More)
Parasitism is a ubiquitous phenomenon that is probably as old as heterotrophic organisms themselves. It is one of the major types of symbiotic relationship between organisms of different species. The development of the biological sciences brought about a broader definition of parasitism. By the end of the nineteenth century, it was known that parasites(More)