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The experience of emotional bonds created by spouses through mutual relationship is significant for reaching the state of satisfaction and fulfilling personal needs. Neurosis disorders of one spouse have a significant influence on conjugal situation in many aspects, such as: the level of satisfaction from marriage and social contacts of a family.
In the literature on the subject frequency and kind of deeds committed by people with mental illness in relation to individual clinical diagnoses are analyzed mainly, whereas little attention is paid to the issue of their psychosocial functioning. Intellectual functioning of the people manifesting delusional disorders in the course of committing attributed(More)
A commonly felt problem in the Polish system of health protection is the lack of long-term care in the properly functioning family. With the introduction of a new system of health insurance, chronically ill patients with an established diagnosis and therapy and not requiring hospitalization are considered not eligible for hospital care. It concerns a big(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare interventions of medical emergency teams in urban and rural areas with particular emphasis on response time and on-site medical rescue activities. DESIGN A retrospective analysis of ambulance call reports from two emergency medical service substations: one in the city and the other in a rural area. SETTING Two emergency medical(More)
The goal of this project was to assess the kind, extent and knowledge about the actions undertaken by nurses in the field of primary and derivative prophylaxis of breast cancer. The research was conducted with the use of an anonymous poll. We surveyed 180 nurses from medical centres in Lublin. The data included in 150 questionnaires which were qualified for(More)
The aim of the study was to investigate the frequency of self-monitoring of blood glucose in patients with type 2 diabetes and to determine its effect on metabolic control measured as glycosylated hemoglobin level. The study involved 218 patients with type 2 diabetes (68.8% of females and 31.19% of males) who reported to the Outpatient Department for(More)
The fact of using the language by man confirms the specific properties of his brain. Man is not able to learn this skill without a contact with speaking and human environment. This skill of linguistic communication with others allows man to get knowledge about the surrounding world and on the other hand it enables him to express his thoughts, feelings and(More)