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Clinical assessment of skeletal maturity is based on a visual comparison of a left-hand wrist radiograph with atlas patterns. Using a new digital hand atlas an image analysis methodology is being developed. To assist radiologists in bone age estimation. The analysis starts with a preprocessing function yielding epiphyseal/metaphyseal regions of interest(More)
Bone age assessment is a procedure frequently performed in pediatric patients to evaluate their growth disorder. A simple method commonly used in bone age assessment is atlas matching by a radiological examination of a left-hand radiograph against a small reference set of Greulich-Pyle atlas patterns of normal standards. The method however can lead to(More)
Computer assisted bone age assessment (BAA) integrated with a clinical PACS is described. The image analysis is performed on a DICOM compliant workstation able to accept images from a PACS server or directly from an image modality (digital radiography or film scanner). Images can be processed in two modes. If the image is acquired from a normally developed(More)
This paper presents a novel, multilevel approach to the segmentation of various types of pulmonary nodules in computed tomography studies. It is based on two branches of computational intelligence: the fuzzy connectedness (FC) and the evolutionary computation. First, the image and auxiliary data are prepared for the 3D FC analysis during the first stage of(More)
This study assesses the value of the Greulich and Pyle method in determining the skeletal ages of healthy American children of European and African descent born after the year 1980. The hand and wrist radiographs of 534 children (265 boys, 269 girls; 260 European-Americans [EA], 274 African-Americans [AA]), ages 0 to 19 y, were analyzed by two experienced(More)
Fuzzy c-means method (FCM) is a popular tool for a fuzzy data processing. In the current study, a FCM-based method of fuzzy clustering in a kernel space has been implemented. First, a "kernel trick" is applied to the fuzzy c-means algorithm. Then, the new method is employed for a fast automated segmentation of demyelination plaques in Multiple Sclerosis(More)
OBJECTIVES AND RATIONALE In a picture archiving and communication system (PACS), images are acquired from multiple modalities and displayed on an electronic workstation. Each modality has different image characteristics. This variability must be addressed before the image is displayed. METHODS The authors developed methods to automatically process(More)
Hand-bone analysis with image processing techniques using a digital radiograph can be used to assess skeletal age. The analysis consists of two steps: phalangeal and carpal bone analysis. The carpal bone analysis is discussed. First, the carpal bone region of interest (CROI) is defined using a standard thresholding technique to separate the hand from the(More)
In this study a modified Live-Wire approach is presented. A Fuzzy C-Means (FCM) clustering procedure has been implemented before the wavelet transform cost map function is defined. This shrinks the area to be searched resulting in a significant reduction of the computational complexity. The method has been employed to computed tomography (CT) and magnetic(More)