Ewa Olchawa

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Three-day dermal exposure of Dendrobaena veneta to metal ions differentially disrupts the immunocompetence/pathogen balance. Zn does not accumulate in the earthworm body, Cu accumulation is temperature-independent while Cd accumulation is stronger at 22 degrees C than at 10 degrees C. During in vitro incubation with metal ions at 22 degrees C, growth of(More)
This paper provides direct evidence that earthworm immune cells, coelomocytes, are exposed to bio-reactive quantities of metals within 3 days after dermal exposure, and that they respond by upregulating metallothionein (MT) and heat shock protein (HSP70, HSP72) expression. Indirect support for the hypothesis that coelomocytes are capable of trafficking(More)
Lactic acid bacteria have shown positive health effects and are widely distributed as dry products. They are widespread applied in functional dairy products, dietary supplements and as pharmaceutical products. Freeze-drying is a process of removing water by sublimation and is one of the most effective preservation technology. The aim of the present study(More)
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