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Parasite-mediated sexual selection may arise as a consequence of 1) females avoiding mates with directly transmitted parasites, 2) females choosing less-parasitized males that provide parental care of superior quality, or 3) females choosing males with few parasites in order to obtain genes for parasite resistance in their offspring. Studies of specific(More)
Interpersonal trust and reciprocation are crucial factors in peer-to-peer online interactions. In order to shed more light on the association of user interface (UI) design and trusting as well as reciprocating behavior, we consider a computerized trust game with different interface background colors, red and blue, namely. We locate our work within recent(More)
Cyproterone acetate treatment was applied with good success by the authors to 52 patients with hirsutism. Yet, the patients' confidence in the medicament was negatively affected by recurrence of symptoms during intervals of discontinued medication. However, effective help can be given to such women to get to grips with their own psychic conflicts by(More)
During an expedition through the east Mongolian steppes, an undescribed chewing louse (Insecta: Phthiraptera) of the genus Damalinia was collected on Mongolian gazelles, Procapra gutturosa. This represents the 1st report of a chewing louse on this poorly known antelope. After a short review of the distribution of this genus and its subgenera among host(More)
The influence of emotions on decision making is widely accepted, however, research investigating emotions within decision support systems is scarce. Previous research showed that via emotion regulation decision makers can significantly improve their decisions. However, a sound perception of emotions is a foundation for beneficial emotion regulation. In this(More)
In connection with 204 cases the authors endeavoured to reveal the psychogenous causes of functional sterility by examining the personality structure of their patients. The patients visited the clinic because of their primary or secondary sterility. In 44 cases the husband or partner were also examined from psychological point of view, or were treated with(More)
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